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If you send your membership application via mail, be sure to include your first and last name, your email address, your phone number and your hometown (or home country). Once you’ve submitted your information using the form or e-mail address, you’ll receive payment instructions on how to pay the membership fee.

The membership fee for the rest of the year 2022 is 15€.

Association Privacy Statement (only in finnish at the moment): RankaGDPR.pdf

If you are not completely sure whether you want to become a member, come to visit us and familiarize yourself with our activities. The visit is free!

The membership fee entitles you to use the association’s facilities and attend all events organized by the association throughout the year!


    The activities of the Southern Ostrobothnia Cultural Community Ranka can be supported by a donation. Contribution payments can be made by any individual (member or non-member) as well as by a company or entity. The amount is determined by the contributor. Donators’ names and possible logos are published annually on the association’s website and club space if the payer so wishes.

    Account number: FI93 5419 0120 3208 78
    Message: CONTRIBUTION (Your name, if you want it to be displayed)